Things To Know Before You Go Mattress Shopping

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Things To Know Before You Go Mattress Shopping

Here at ESC Mattress Center in Everett, we know finding the perfect mattress can be a challenge.

Here are seven things we wish every person who came in looking for a mattress knew before trying beds.Panda in woods eating bamboo

  • Firm and supportive aren’t the same thing. Firmness describes how hard a bed is. Support describes how well the mattress puts your spine into proper alignment while sleeping, so you wake up feeling better.
  • Pillows are an important part of your sleep system and using the same pillow across all the beds you try helps eliminate a variable in trying beds.
  • Spend some time on the mattresses; in fact, we want you to try them out. You’ll spend a third of your life in your bed if you sleep eight hours a night, so you should take some time in the store to see how it feels. However, we do give you a 90-night trial to make sure you got the mattress of your dreams.
  • Humans are gross! You really should consider using a mattress protector. Sweat, body oils, dead skin cells along with everything else builds up in your bed over time, and this will contribute to your bed breaking down prematurely. A good mattress protector will keep all those things out of your mattress, so it stays hygienic and lasts longer.
  • Dress comfortably and appropriately when trying beds. The best way to pick the perfect mattress is to try them out by laying down on them, and be in comfortable clothes so you can focus on the mattress.
  • We’re here to help you make an informed decision, not to deceive you. We have over twenty years of mattress industry experience and want to pass some of that information to you to help find a bed you’ll love.
  • Ask questions! With over twenty years of mattress industry knowledge, we’re more than happy to answer questions on the industry, even if it’s not about something we carry.

Bonus tip: A $600 mattress that lasts five years isn’t cheaper than a $1000 mattress that lasts you ten years (see Boots theory on socio-economic unfairness).

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