Mattress Construction 101: Parts Of A Mattress

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Mattress Construction 101: Parts Of A Mattress

Here at ESC Mattress Center in Everett, we believe there is no "one perfect mattress" for everyone, which is why we have over fifty mattresses to choose from.

With over twenty-five years of mattress industry experience, one of the most common questions people ask when shopping for a mattress is "which mattress is best"; the problem is there isn't an easy answer to that question. Any local mattress retailer with a focus on finding you the right mattress for YOUR needs should help educate you on what is in the mattresses you are looking at, and how the features relate to your sleep wellness. To try and make it a little easier for you to shop for a mattress (in case your local mattress store is lacking) we're going to be putting together a few posts to break down mattresses into an easily understandable product.

In this post we're going to start at the basics, what are the components of a mattress?

Modern mattresses are most easily broken down into two parts, the comfort layers, and the support layers.comparing different layer of a foam mattress vs spring mattress

The comfort layers are generally different types of foams that are there to relieve your pressure points (shoulders and hips on the side), so you toss and turn less at night.

The support layers are generally denser foams or springs systems that are there to conform to your body so that you're held in proper spinal alignment and don't wake up with a sore back.

An ideal mattress will relieve your pressure points (comfortable) while keeping you in proper alignment (supportive).

That's why you need to be the one trying mattresses and making the decision, and nobody knows what you find comfortable and supportive better than you do. It's also why a firm mattress isn't necessarily more supportive. If you're not sinking into the support layers to get in proper alignment, a mattress is too firm and not supportive.

As always, if you have questions, you can call your Local Mattress Experts at ESC Mattress Center at (425) 512-0017.

Sleep well!

Proper spinal alignment chart for basck, side and stomach sleepers

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