How Much Sleep Should You Get At Night?

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How Much Sleep Should You Get At Night?

How Much Sleep Should You Get at Night?

The amount of sleep a person should get varies based on what you may be reading or watching, but the common belief is somewhere between 6 – 9 hours a night. There’s a nap-sized gap in that range, so what’s the right amount of sleep for you?woman in her mattress turning her alarm clock off in the middle of the nighttext says : 'Short sleepers often have a more vigorous lifestyle while long sleepers need more breaks and less stress'New research suggests that the amount of sleep you should get is dependent upon your genetic makeup and lifestyle.

Although some people try to reduce the amount of time spent sleeping, it’s a good idea to let your lifestyle and natural preferences dictate how many hours of deep sleep you need each night.

How much sleep should you get

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