2019 Stearns & Foster Lineup

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2019 Stearns & Foster Lineup

2019 Stearns & Foster Lineup

Creating the perfect mattress takes time, care, and passion. Stearns & Foster provides lavish comfort, and unparalleled design and quality are at the core of every mattress they make. From hand-stitching to hand signing every mattress, their craftsmanship reflects the history of quality behind the name "Stearns & Foster."2019 Stearns & Foster Lineup inside and construction


Stearns & Foster designs every mattress with breathable materials to keep them as cool as they are comfortable. The Airvent System takes ventilated coils working in tandem with external air vents to help prevent heat buildup and promote a cool, comfortable, deep slumber throughout the night. The Tencel top panel is a stretch-knit design, as found in athletic wear, to wick away moisture and keep you comfortable.2019 Stearns & Foster Lineup layers explained


Stearns & Foster mattresses are made with exclusively designed foams and coils that work in tandem to deliver exceptional pressure relief and support. Premium Gel Foam and Gel Memory Foams have a sumptuous feel, crafted to adapt to your body and relieve pressure for all-night support. Indulge Memory Foam is an exclusively made foam for Stearns & Foster by the scientists at Tempur-Pedic. Providing a plush, comfortable feel with premium pressure relief. Indulge HD Memory Foam is an even higher-density foam engineered by Tempur-Pedic scientists to deliver an elevated Stearns & Foster feel.2019 Stearns & Foster Lineup springs


The unique IntelliCoil technology in every Stearns & Foster mattress conforms to your body type to provide flawless support, stability, and durability. The world's finest bed wouldn't be complete without the world's finest innerspring. The Intellicoil is a patented coil-within-a-coil design, allowing sleepers of all body types to find their perfect level of support. The Intellicoil HD adds an even higher density of coils, honeycombed for additional support. Stearns has upped their game this year with exceptional upgrades on an award-winning line. Stop by today to check out one of the largest Stearns & Foster selections in the PNW.

A Stearns and Foster mattress in bedroom

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