Finally! An office chair with 21st century technology and design. There is no need to compromise, X-Chair enables users to both look good and be more productive. The all-new X-Chair advances the function of office seating. It is distinctly stylish, budget friendly, and made with proprietary ergonomic comfort technology that has never before been applied to office seating.

  • X1’s classic black base pairs with the black and gray mesh color options to create an aesthetic that works in any office environment. The bold curves of the X-Chair deliver modern technology and comfort that can’t be found in any other office chair.

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  • A striking polished aluminum base and four K-Sport soft-to-the-touch material color options, from vibrant red to classic black, let you individualize your X2 like never before. The X2’s bold curves, advanced technology, and unprecedented comfort transform any workspace into an oasis.

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  • Introducing X3, the most innovative X-Chair yet.X3 incorporates all of the same design and ergonomics as the X2. However, we are excited to introduce Advanced Tensile Recovery fabric (ATR) throughout the chair to provide enhanced support and comfort.

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  • X4 is draped in supple, premium leather. The seat, back, and optional headrest deliver comfort from the moment you touch. X4 features an innovative and attractive layer of mesh behind the leather to deliver the support you need with the comfort and style you deserve.

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